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Dinah Radcliffe doesn’t have much money to spend on the finer things in life, but she lives a contented existence with her mother, Sarah, in their cosy house in Walton. Dinah and Sarah have seen their share of troubles since Dinah’s father was killed in the Great War but, with the support of their neighbours, the Radcliffe’s have always made the best of things.

When Dinah meets a widowed businessman Richard Haldane at the races, her life changes beyond recognition. Suave and sophisticated, Richard sweeps Dinah off her feet, dazzling her with a glimpse of wealth and privilege beyond her wildest dreams. Their whirlwind romance leads to marriage in a matter of weeks.

But Richard is not the man Dinah thought he was. Soon, she’s learning that money can’t buy you happiness. And that she’s married to a man who takes far more dangerous risks than just betting on his horses…