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1961, Liverpool. Flora Wilcox loves her fatherless daughters Hilary and Isobel more than anything in the world. The girls couldn’t be more different - Hilary is serious, hardworking and bespectacled, while Isobel is an attractive blonde who seeks fun and excitement.

When Isobel’s boyfriend drops her to take up with Hilary, a rift develops between the girls, and even their mother can’t find a way to build bridges. While Hilary settles into wedded bliss and motherhood, Isobel escapes to London, where she begins a passionate affair with a much older married man. At first she’s happier than she could imagine, but trouble lies ahead and in the end she’s forced to take desperate measures to survive.

Isobel worries about whether her secrets will find her out, but Hilary faces a nightmare. Her lovely twin boys are struggling at school where their difficulties with reading and writing are turning happy children into wild and troubled lads. With no understanding of dyslexia, Hilary doesn’t know which way to turn.

Can the sisters support each other when they need it most? The bonds of family are at their strongest in testing times…