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Childhood sweethearts Mary and Jonty have battled against the odds to be together. Forced to run away from home when Mary’s father disapproved of their relationship, they’ve managed to build a new life for themselves. And their happiness would be complete if they were blessed with a child. But tragically, it seems that’s not to be.

Until one night when, in a violent storm, a yacht is dashed upon the rocks near their home. Mary and Jonty rush to the crew’s rescue and, amid terrible carnage, they save a baby. Although they know it is wrong, they keep the baby as their own. Despite feeling guilty they cherish the little girl they are to name Charlotte.

Charlotte grows up to be an attractive and kind-hearted young woman, devoted to her parents. But fate is to intervene when, seeking the bright lights of a big city, she decides to train as a nurse in Liverpool. For Liverpool is where her ‘real’ family lives: and it seems that past secrets and lies are to be uncovered - with shocking consequences.