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When Dorothy Mortimer, the spoilt daughter of a wealthy Merseyside family, finds herself pregnant, she is sent away to the Benders - family friends in Wales - to await the birth of her illegitimate child. Dorothy wants nothing to do with her new-born daughter Lizzie, so Clarissa Bender arranges for the child to be brought up by the O’Malleys, a feckless family living on the estate. Only Dorothy’s kind-hearted stepmother, Hannah, who is unable to conceive a child of her own, mourns the loss of Lizzie Mortimer.

Lizzie is unaware of her heritage, but over the years her brother Joey grows suspicious of the special attention she receives from the Benders. Eventually he takes Lizzie to Merseyside to claim what is rightfully hers. But Joey’s obsession to provide Lizzie with the riches she deserves leads to the destruction of their love, and Lizzie finds herself increasingly drawn to the family she has never known…