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After a few weeks in England, Ron had a new job in the Colonial Service and we sailed out to Lagos. As an inexperienced staff nurse I couldn’t get a work permit for a nursing job because Nigeria had a training school of its own, but by then my typing and shorthand skills were much improved and I was taken on as secretary to an English engineer. Later on I changed my job and became secretary and P.A. to the manager of a British insurance company.

We lived in Lagos for 10 years and had two children, a girl and then a boy. Both were born in England while we were home on leave. My writing ambitions were forgotten as with the help of a nanny and a cook I had the time to enjoy myself. There was a good social life, we spent time on the beach and at the swimming pool, and we had a small boat in which to potter around the lagoons. We returned to England when our daughter was approaching school age and our son was a toddler of 18 months.

We lived in Bath and I no longer went to work. I wrote my first book and managed to find a publisher for it, but lost them when I had a second book ready. Ron changed his job and we moved back to Merseyside. I decided the writing life was beyond me and thought of going back to nursing but I’d been out of that too long and at the time there were no refresher courses. Instead, I did a 6 month course in Midwifery and a 1 year course at Liverpool University to become a Health Visitor, a job which is part nurse and part social worker. For 10 years I visited people in their homes and tried to help with their many problems. I saw life as it really was in Birkenhead. As it turned out, I couldn’t have chosen anything better to train myself for writing Merseyside sagas.