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Nancy, Amy and Kate Siddons are three of the prettiest nurses on the south side of the Mersey. They’ve been brought up to respect their elders and uphold family honour at all times. Then sweet, naïve Katie - the youngest of the three girls - falls pregnant by her good-for-nothing boyfriend, bringing shame upon the family’s name.

Alec Siddons, a local police constable who prides himself on his strong sense of justice, cannot, and will not, forgive his daughter for her immoral behaviour. Unbeknown to him, his wife Celia looks on in dismay as she sees history begin to repeat itself. And Katie isn’t the only one with troubles ahead. Amy is in love with her cousin Paul, but owing to a family feud the mere mention of his name is forbidden in her father’s presence; and Nancy is eager to wed her fiance Stan before the Second World War is announced, but it looks like he’ll be called away before they can tie the knot.

With the outbreak of the war, the three sisters find comfort and support in each other. Their mother, meanwhile, is battling with painful memories of the past reawakened by events of the present, and their father lives in dread that his own dark secrets will be revealed. As the war takes its toll on the Merseyside girls they learn that there are few things in life more precious than honesty, love and forgiveness.