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It is 1941 and Connie and Lottie Brinsley are nurses at Liverpool’s Walton Hospital. When heavy bombing is followed by the news that their home has taken a direct hit and their parents and little brother are dead, the two sisters are utterly devastated.

Shortly afterwards, they are shocked to discover that their uncle, Steve, is not who they thought he was. As Steve reveals one family secret after another it becomes clear that the Brinsleys have been living a lie for years. And Steve’s not the only one who’s hiding the truth, for when Lottie meets and marries Waldo Padley, no one - least of all Connie - tells her that he’s a liar and a cheat. While Lottie is away from home working as an army nurse, Waldo pursues an occupation that will end in disaster. But, no matter what life throws at them, the sisters find the strength to face the troubles ahead…