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When Elin Jones rebels against the dominating man she believes to be her father, she has to get away from North Wales, where she was brought up. She takes a job in Birkenhead as housemaid to the Oxley family, who have made their fortune in West Africa.

Overawed by the sophisticated Mr Laurence, heir to the Oxley business, Elin is unable to resist his attentions and, to her despair, becomes pregnant. Although she loves Laurence, she agrees to marry the family butler, Peck, to avoid the scandal - for Laurence is already married. But Peck isn’t the gentleman he appears, and Elin finds herself condemned to a life of poverty and a husband who abuses her. Only her love for her daughter, Laura, and her determination to give the child a better life keep her going.

Laura grows up with feelings of contempt for Peck and an urgent need to protect her vulnerable mother. A clever girl, she has inherited her natural father’s intelligence and drive as well as his talent for business. She takes a job in the Accounts Department of Burdon’s Biscuits and, as it’s staff is depleted by war, finds herself running the company. When the business comes up for sale, she seizes the chance to buy it, using as capital two old paintings she finds tucked away behind the wardrobe.

Laura is less successful in her personal life. She marries Tom, whom she has adored since childhood, but it proves a marriage in name only, and Tom becomes an additional responsibility.

Throughout the years, Laura’s path crosses with members of the Oxley family though for a long time she is unaware she has more privileged half sisters. At last fate throws them together in a dramatic and unexpected way in the tropical heart of Lagos, where both Elin and Laura find happiness.