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1941, Merseyside. Seventeen-year-old Hannah Ashe and her mother Esme are lucky to escape when their home is destroyed in a bombing raid. Forced to move in with Esme’s difficult sister-in-law, they make the best of things, and Hannah thrives in her new job repairing damaged fighter planes at a busy factory. Her vivacious workmate Gina Goodwin becomes a firm friend, and Hannah enjoys spending time with Gina’s lively siblings, especially her handsome brother Eric. But she’s a little afraid of their stern father, who acts strangely when he hears mention of Esme’s name. Does he know something about her that Hannah doesn’t?

When Hannah starts to ask questions, Esme clams up and forbids her daughter to visit the Goodwins again, saying the family is nothing but trouble. Without proof, Hannah refuses to obey, but, as she is pulled closer into their circle, she realises that the Goodwins are hiding many secrets…