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It’s August, 1914, and the threat of war is weighing heavily on the people of Liverpool, but beautiful Sarah Hoxton has other things on her mind. For Toby Percival, the dashing son of the owner of the factory where she and her mother work, has told her he loves her. Her mother is afraid they’ll both lose their jobs, and Sarah is worried she’ll hurt John Ferry, who’s been courting her for years, but she’s prepared to risk everything for Toby’s love.

Toby has been at loggerheads with his autocratic father for some time. That he’s involved with one of the factory girls proves to be the last straw and his father does his best to separate them. Father and son become locked in a fierce battle. Toby is determined to defy him and turn his back on his family but is caught up in the patriotism and fever of war spreading through England.

As the First World War rages on in Europe, Sarah finds that love alone is not enough to overcome the obstacles that face her, but with the help of her friends, her family and a resilience she never knew she possessed, she discovers that there is a light at the end of the darkness, though it shines from a different direction to the one she expected.