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It’s 1931, and as the depression grips Merseyside, Greta Arrowsmith can’t remember the last time the cupboards were full or the house felt truly warm. While Greta and her family battle to make ends meet, over the road her friend Rex Bradshaw is struggling to find employment. The girls at the Peregrine Laundry where Greta works are unanimous about one thing: the only way out of poverty is to marry money.

One cold winter’s night, Greta takes pity on a lost and hungry dog, little realising her decision to take it home will change her life forever. For the dog belongs to Mungo Masters, the handsome, wealthy owner of a chain of funfairs. He is instantly attracted to Greta and, despite her mother’s warnings, she soon finds herself caught up in a heady romance. Lavished with luxuries, Greta dares to hope her dreams have come true - especially when Mungo offers to provide for her loved ones and even gives Rex a job. But Mungo’s past returns to haunt him, sweeping Greta into a dangerous world of secrets, violence - and murder…