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It’s 1920, and Ellie Valentino is just like any other happy five-year-old growing up in Birkenhead. Although her father died before she was born, and her mother works hard running the family bicycle shop, Ellie’s grandmother Bridie is always there to provide a welcoming hug when the little girl returns from school.

But Ellie’s secure world is suddenly torn apart when, one day, a violent encounter leaves her mother fatally injured. And when Bridie passes away, Ellie is forced to live with her uncle Mick - the man Ellie heard arguing with her mother just days before she died. Even Mick’s wife is afraid of his rages, and Ellie daren’t broach the subject of her mother’s death.

As the years pass, Ellie’s yearning to know the truth never fades, even casting a shadow over her blossoming romance with childhood friend Franco Baldini. For Franco knows more about that fateful day than he dare admit, especially to Ellie. Can their love survive when Ellie longs to uncover events Franco’s desperate to forget? And will Ellie ever find out what really happened to her mother?