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Lorna Mathews has grown up in a loving home, safe in the knowledge that her parents think the world of their bright and capable daughter. But when the small shipping agency she works for is sold to Lars Wyndham & Sons, Lorna’s joy that she’s to be kept on by the new owners is short-lived. On hearing the name of her daughter’s employers, her mother is forced to reveal a secret she’s kept for 20 years: Lorna’s real father was Oliver Wyndham, the family’s youngest son, who died in a tragic accident before Lorna was born.

For Lorna, her new job becomes a quest to learn more about the father she never knew, but no one wants to talk about the past. Soon Lorna starts to wonder whether Oliver’s death was an accident after all.

When the kind and handsome Jonathan Wyndham falls in love with Lorna, she asks herself if she can trust him with the truth. Will he feel the same way about her when he finds out who she is? Or is she destined to repeat her mother’s fate and be abandoned, heartbroken and alone, by the powerful Wyndham family?