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When Hilda Thorpe arrives at Edwin Jardine’s jewellery shop in the bustling heart of 1970’s Liverpool, he is happy to offer the attractive blonde widow employment. A widower himself, Edwin understands only too well that Hilda needs to work in order to support her teenage daughter Kitty.

Edwin soon becomes romantically involved with Hilda, but his daughter, Jane, who works alongside her, suspects that Hilda is not all that she seems. As Jane’s doubts grow, she and her new fiance Nick gradually begin to unravel the truth about the past Hilda has created for herself. But Jane fears Edwin will dismiss her revelations as jealous gossip and take a step he may live to regret bitterly.

Kitty is delighted that her mother has found someone to take care of her and is gleefully enjoying her new-found freedom. But Kitty is in love and wilfully determined to go her own way - and the consequences could be fatal…