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Sisters Hilary and Isobel Wilcox were close until Isobel’s boyfriend finished with her to go out with Hilary. Years later, both women are settled in Birkenhead with families of their own. They have forgiven each other - but can they forget?

Between looking after her sons, twins Andy and Charlie and their younger brother Jamie, and helping husband Ben run his gardening business, Hilary has her hands full. Dyslexia makes school a struggle for the twins, and while Andy manages to stay on the straight and narrow, Charlie falls in with a bad crowd. The outcome is devastating - and it’s hard to see how Hilary will ever develop her fledgling career as a writer.

Though Isobel is happily married to Sebastian and loves their two daughters, teenage Sophie and little Daisy, she’s haunted by a secret from her past. And Sophie is about to bring some new problems home. She’s been dating a much older man who’s not willing to face the consequences of their barely legal relationship. Sophie’s afraid to break her shocking news to her parents - but Isobel’s been in the same shoes herself…

Isobel and Hilary need to share with each other the laughter and tears of family life. But will they ever truly be able to put the past behind them?