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Daisy Corkill has spent all sixteen years of her life living above Sampsons - the local fishmongers and greengrocers in Liverpool’s Market Street. But in all that time she has never discovered who her parents were - or why they left her to be brought up by the couple she now calls ‘Uncle’ Ern and ‘Auntie’ Glad. Whilst Daisy yearns for the love and security that a family of her own would give her, she finds great comfort in her relationship with Brenda, her sophisticated and very beautiful older ‘sister’.

It’s an ordinary day in March 1919 when Brenda arrives home from work at the local dress-shop flushed with excitement. She has just set the date for her wedding to businessman Gil Fox. Daisy hears this news with a sinking heart, for there’s something about the handsome Gil that she just doesn’t trust.

Not long after their wedding, Brenda begins to realise that Gil is not quite the man she thought he was. While happiness seems to be eluding her, Daisy’s dreams are about to come true. Ellis - Gil’s upright, kind and dependable brother, a survivor of WW1 - falls in love with Daisy. Marriage, and a family of her own, are finally within her reach. But will they be enough to get her through the stormy times ahead?